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PAUSCH Coating Creates
Perfect Surfaces

Highly qualified employees and the latest technology enable:
→ powerful visuals due to the refined and uniform surfaces
→ consistent colour tones and structures, even on components that were
painted separately
→ high mechanical durability and stability, which increases the value
of your products and preserves them over time


Coating Methods


Powder coating
Wet painting
Silk screen printing

A perfect pre-treatment is the basic prerequisite for guaranteeing a smooth surface, at the same time providing corrosion protection. Stopping, grinding, de-greasing, and iron phosphating are the first steps for optimizing your products.

We stop small or large areas for diverse applications, for pre-treatment for wet painting as well as for powder coating.

Grinding is necessary in industrial painting to guarantee an optimally smooth surface.

We use an alkaline spray method for de-greasing all metals. Extremely large components are washed by hand. A grease-free substrate guarantees excellent adhesion.

The spray method for thin-layer iron phosphating guarantees flawless adhesion
of the enamel, and also provides corrosion protection.

Powder coating is a method in which an electrically conductive material is coated with a powdered paint. The powder is sprayed on the subsurface, and then cured through heat treatment. The work piece must be de-greased exceptionally well, and, if necessary, given a corrosion protection treatment. Typical powdered paints are based on polyurethane, epoxy, or polymer resins. Curing provides durable adhesion.

Advantages of powder coating
→ Environmentally friendly (does not use solvents)
→ Corrosion protection up to class C5 is possible
→ Low costs due to recycling of the excess spray
→ High mechanical durability and plasticity
→ Weather and chemical resistance
→ Good electrical insulation and excellent electrical
dissipation characteristics are possible
→ Good antibacterial characteristics
→ Very high rust protection

Pre-treatment and post-treatment
Pre-treatment of components takes place in three steps:
1. Iron phosphating
2. Rinsing
3. Clean rinsing

Post-treatment through curing in a convection oven prevents yellowing of lighter colours, which often occurs during direct heating.

Wet painting is a method for applying Hydrolack or paint systems containing solvents. It is a spray process. The advantages of this treatment method include very large flexibility relative to lot size and work piece geometry. It is suitable for almost any metal subsurface and for plastics.

The components are carefully washed and de-greased during pre-treatment. This enables a perfect paint application. We paint industrial parts, such as housings and front plates, and also small parts, such as sharps. We process everything from small components up to parts that are 3 m by 1.5 m.

This technology has been used in Germany to produce signs and in textile printing since the 1920’s. Beginning in the 1930’s, it was applied to advertisements, and it was used during the Second World War for labelling in the armaments industry. The use of nylon mesh instead of silk gauze, advances in stencil production, inks, and the modernization in mechanical engineering leveraged screen printing methods beginning in the 1940’s.

Previously known as serigraphy, this printing process enabled the printing of various materials, flat as well as shaped. The ink is pressed through a more or less fine-meshed fabric using a rubber fill blade (a squeegee like tool). The ink application can be varied by changing the fineness of the weave, which is quite advantageous.

Silk screen printing is primarily used for labelling, ceramics, and textile print advertisements, and for industrial applications. The modern electronics industry would be impossible without silk screen printing (printed circuit boards, keyboard sheets, etc.)

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