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We Passed Our Exams!
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Certification based on a quality management standard is an important step in our company’s development. To keep our services at the highest level, we had our services analyzed by experts. This proves to our customers how serious we are about our quality management systems! Our product quality is ensured through regular inspections, to offer our customers confidence and confirm our high standards. The continuous improvement process guarantees that the demands and expectations of our partners and employees will be satisfied; long-term business relationships are only possible with satisfied customers and products of impeccable quality.


After thorough study, external quality examiners have granted us the following certification:

Regulation (EU) 2017/45 Annex IX (I, III, and TDA in Section 4)
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ISO 13485:2016 / EN ISO 13485:2016
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For over 80 years, we have offered the highest quality coatings for products of all types.

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