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TL3000 – Ceiling Mount for High-Precision X-Rays

The TL3000 stands out because of its universality – and great flexibility. The new design with featherweight balancing with the EasyDrive system makes for particular easy and effortless positioning of standard X-ray tubes and collimators.



The significantly increased service life of the EasyDrive significantly reduces maintenance intervals and downtimes and lowers operating costs appreciably.

Flexible rail solutions and customizable preferred positions facilitate variable positioning of wall Mounts and Bucky tables in the most varied room layouts.

The logical, transparent operating procedure facilitates easy fingertip control of the system. The optional 10″ Front Touch Display offers an excellent overview of all settings as well as all customization Options.

TL3000 at a glance
→ easy operator prompts on the Display on the control panel
→ EasyDrive for effortless manual operation
→ reduced operating costs
→ maximum precision in positioning
→ memory functions with 30 programmable preferred positions
→ system control with the CAN-Bus
→ RS 232 serial services interface 232
→ variable room layout with a modular rail system for optimal
→ space utilization and flexible installation
→ very short installation times

Autotracking (Optional)
The perfect centring of the X-ray tubes and Image receptor is guaranteed by the optionally integrated Auto-tracking function. The optimal Imaging position can be reached in just a few steps.

Tube tracking:
The X-ray tube follows the vertical movement of the wall mount and centres itself automatically.

Bucky tracking:
The table Bucky follows the X-ray tubes horizontally and centres itself automatically.

SID tracking:
The X-ray tubes follow the Bucky table vertically at a pre-set distance.

Autotracking offers a high degree of user comfort with the rapid centring in the desired imaging position. Motorisation eliminates the manual repositioning of the X-ray tubes or the Bucky.


Patient extension grip / -hand grip
To hold the patients securely, there is a separate patient hand grip on the wall stand and an ergonomic patient extension grip available for optimal chest Images.

Belt compressors (Elevator)
PAUSCH Medical belt compressors substantially improve image quality in the abdominal area by reducing the halfvalue depth in tissue.

Paper roll holder
To optimize the operating procedure and the storage, ready to hand, of medical paper, a practical paper roll holder is available (fits the current formats).

TL3000 Brochure

For more information on the product.
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