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CS3000 – The Bucky Table with Integrated Column System

Thanks to the consistent optimisation of all of its components, the CS3000 is the ideal imaging machine for radiological diagnosis of any part of the body. It makes it easy to take images of patients whether they are standing, seated or lying down. Even lateral views are possible and straightforward. Used in combination with a wall stand, the CS3000 makes it possible to take images of the skull, thorax, pelvis, skeleton and limbs on patients when they are lying, sitting or standing. The maximum patient bearing load of 450 kg makes it possible to take almost all variants of images.



The floating tabletop in combination with the mobile Bucky drawer and the optional transversely adjustable tube carrier arm, enable diagnostic examinations of the patient‘s whole trunk without having to Reposition him or her The optional automatic drawer coupling ensures permanent centring of the X-ray. The CS3000 was developed for both analogue applications and for use with digital detectors and is flexible and easy to upgrade.

Used in conjunction with the wall stand, this device means that trunk imaging can be carried out with ease.

The CS3000‘s free-floating tabletop provides optimal support for all requirements for routine examinations. The high patient bearing load of 450 kg together with the wide imaging range makes it possible to examine obese and large patients from head to foot without repositioning.

Space Saving
The compact construction allows an X-ray Generator to be integrated into the table. A wall stand makes it possible to take images of patients whether they are seated or standing. In this case the column is moved to the end of the table.

High Degree of Reliability
Functional availability in daily use was our top priority.

Patient Safety Paramount
The safe-click operation prevents unintended movement of the X-ray table.

Solid Construction, Made in Germany
A patient bearing load of up to 450 kg makes it possible to examine obese patients.

The Bucky centres itself based on the tube and slit combination, therefore there is no requirement for manual tracking.

Lateral Imaging
Simple positioning of the tube carrier arm up to ±90° for lateral imaging.

Telescopic Function
More patient comfort thanks to the variable tube positioning. Optionally available tube carrier arms make it significantly easier to use.

Easy to Maintain and Environmentally Friendly
The use of the latest lacquering technology enhances its quality and preserves it in the long term. The powder-coated surface is extremely resilient and as stable as possible – the fine structure and the evenness of the thin layer facilitates cleaning considerably. Furthermore, eco-friendliness (no solvents) and good bacteriological properties are ensured.

Easy to Install and Maintain and Consistently Reliable
Short installation times and minimum maintenance requirements are further Advantages of the CS3000. The use of high quality components and our ongoing quality assurance during the assembly process ensure a high degree of reliability. The well-known standard of our products ensures the CS3000‘s durability over many years with consistent quality, despite the low costs.


→ Patient handles
→ Patient positioning mat
→ Compression band
→ Holder for Babix sleeves
→ Head and hip supports
→ Lateral cassette holders
→ Bucky P drawer
→ 40 lined grid

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