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Covator – The Height-Adjustable Bucky Table

Covator provides a comprehensive solution for use in small clinics as well as small X-ray rooms, and includes a height-adjustable Bucky table with an integrated column system and wall mount. It is easy to manage imaging on standing, seated, or recumbent patients. Even lateral imaging can be done easily.



The height adjustability of the Bucky table makes it easy for patients to get on and off, and provides an optimized working height for the user. A patient bearing load of up to 320 kg enables examination of adipose patients. The movable Bucky drawer and optional transversally displaceable X-ray carrier arm, in conjunction with the floating and removable tabletop, enable diagnosis of the entire trunk of the patient without repositioning.

Using the optional automatic Bucky coupling guarantees permanent centring of the X-ray beam. The Covator was developed for use in analogue operation as well as with digital detectors, and can be flexibly retrofitted. The compact design accommodates the X-ray generator in the table. When used together with a Wall Mount unit, images can be recorded of standing or seated patients. For this purpose, the columns are moved to the ends of the table.

Best patient positioning
The low position of 550 mm enables quick repositioning of patients and minimizes operator exertion in the process. This low access position means that even patients with disabilities can be positioned with ease. The high travel range of up to 900 mm ensures that the patient can be prepared for the examination comfortably. In addition, the (optional) transverse movement of the X-ray carrier arm increases patient comfort, and ensures easy centring of the X-ray beam.

Patient safety is paramount
The safe-click operation prevents undesired movement of the X-ray table. Integrated collision protection prevents possible impacts with objects located in the room.

Adaptation to room conditions
In connection with the optional tabletop plate (installed from above), the Covator requires a mere 3.5 x 2.5 x 2.3 m footprint (length x width x height). The power supply enables connectivity with a wide variety of X-ray generators under the tabletop.

Economical installation and maintenance
The “Made in Germany” label means that maintenance is kept to a minimum, and installation and wiring are extremely fast with the slender guide rail system. The operating side can also be changed during installation, depending on the position of the Wall Mount unit.


→ Patient support mat
→ Patient handle
→ Compression belt
→ Cassette for lateral imaging
→ Bucky P cabinet
→ 40 line grid

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