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Cosmos2 – The Economical X-ray Solution

The Cosmos2 universal X-ray system enables image recording of either standing or seated patients, and of recumbent patients with the optional patient positioning table. With multiple setting options, no additional X-ray system is necessary.



The Cosmos2 is an economical solution, either for an individual private practice or as an optimal secondary work space in a hospital. With the addition of the optional patient bench, a universal workspace is available, usable even in tight spaces. Despite the compact design, the device is stable enough to provide consistent high-precision imaging.

More freedom of movement
The Cosmos2 expanded vertical lift enables imaging of a standing patient from the head to the knees. The vertical lift for horizontal beam paths extends from 42 to 163 cm, relative to the middle of the cassette. The rotating arm enables continuous pivoting from +135º to -35º. In addition, the Bucky has a pivot range of ±45º.

User friendly
The ergonomic handles make it possible to move and rotate the device safely using only one hand. All movements are electromagnetically braked, with the exception of the Bucky pivot, which engages at 0°. The Cosmos2 is fully counter-balanced, and the roller tracks make running exceptionally smooth and quiet. The film-focus distance setting is motorised, and any desired distance can be selected

Stable design
Especially stable construction gives the Cosmos2 high centring precision.
This makes repeated images, with additional radiation load for the
patients, unneccesary.

Centring errors are impossible
Even with comprehensive adjustment options, the X-ray tube and the Bucky always remain centred. This permanent centring of the tubes on the middle of the Bucky guarantees swift and error-free work.

Easy patient positioning
The flexible device adjustment options facilitate the placement and positioning of patients. Images can be recorded on either standing or seated patients using the Cosmos2. Functional diagnosis is made possible by enabling the imaging of stressed patients.

Excellent image quality
The PAUSCH front plate has low radiation absorption. Can be used with either analogue or digital receiver systems, with the option of conversion. Buckys from all recognized manufacturers can be used.

Optional patient positioning table
The Cosmos2 offers the advantages of a Bucky table when used together with the optional patient positioning table. Smooth-running rollers make the patient positioning table easily movable, and it is lockable for recording images. The tabletop plate is highly radiolucent. A patient support mat can be supplied as an accessory. The patient positioning table has multiple applications and, e.g., can be used as an EKG table or casting table.

Easy installation
The Cosmos2 wall and floor installations require only two bolts. This makes assembly in existing spaces easy and problem free.




→ Patient positioning table
→ Cassette holder
→ Front plate with rectangular dominants
→ Bucky P cabinet
→ 40 line grid

Cosmos2 Brochure

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